The Rainbow Lake airport is situated in the Town of Rainbow Lake on the industrial side of town.

Airport Manager Dan Fletcher: (780) 956-3934
Emergency After Hours: (780) 956-1701

Airport Fee Schedule – updated November 2018


Rate GST Total
TERMINAL FEES $50.00 $2.50 $52.50
PLANE PLUG IN $10.00 $0.50 $10.50
OVERNIGHT PARKING $10.00 $0.50 $10.50


Rate GST Total
$15.00 $0.75 $15.75

Landing Fees are applicable to all aircraft landing at the Rainbow Lake Airport including helicopters.

Airport Terminal Fees

At the Rainbow lake Airport there is deemed to be use of the air terminal building where any passenger or member of the crew disembarks from an aircraft that has landed at the airport and enters the air terminal building or any passenger or member of the crew leaves the terminal building and embarks onto an aircraft that has landed.

Based on the Rainbow Lake Airport Safety Management System, at no time are passengers allowed to disembark an aircraft unless they are immediately escorted to the airport terminal building. Only aircraft personnel have the access code for entry into the terminal building.

As all pilots know, it is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that the aircraft’s passengers go directly from the aircraft to the terminal. Please ensure your passengers know the correct entry point into the terminal building.

Airport Improvement Fees (AIF)

These fees are to be applied to all commercial fixed wing aircraft that arrive and depart the Rainbow Lake Airport. The $10.00 per passenger fee is applied to all passengers arriving and departing the Rainbow Lake Airport, regardless of whether or not the passengers leave the aircraft. (i.e.: if the aircraft arrives with 10 passengers and no other passengers embark from the Rainbow Lake Terminal or depart from the aircraft at Rainbow Lake Airport, the total passenger count that aircraft is 20 passengers).

  • This fees is charged to aircraft stopping over for fuel.
  • Further, the aircraft owner is required to submit a monthly report to the Town of Rainbow Lake not later than the 5th day of the following month showing the number of passengers arriving and departing on their flights into the Rainbow Lake Airport.
  • Should the required report not be submitted to the Town of Rainbow Lake by the date noted above, the aircraft owner will be invoiced based on the number of passengers that particular aircraft is capable of accommodating to the information at the NavCanada Aircraft Movement Statistics.
  • There will not be any adjustment made to the AIF invoicing.

Hazard Reporting

At the Town of Rainbow Lake Airport safety is a priority. If you see a potentially unsafe situation or a wildlife sighting at the airport we invite you to complete a Safety Hazard Incident Report. These reports may be submitted anonymously however we encourage reporters to provide a name and contact information. This will allow us to obtain additional information if necessary and to later provide a progress report.