At this time, there is a main break or broken fitting on the main water line near Martens Street. Until we are able to bring in a hydrovac and get down to the line, we do not know how bad the break is or what will be required to repair it. Since we do not know the severity of the break, we can only estimate how long Martens Street will be without water.
Our current estimate is 5 days.
Sewer lines are not affected and residents will still be able to flush their toilets by loading the back of the toilet with water.
The Recplex will be available to affected residences needing restroom facilities, including showers, as well as potable water. Residents will need to bring their own containers to fill up and bring home. If you would like to use the showers at the Recplex, please bring your own toiletries and towels. Flip flops are recommended. Should you have any questions about using these facilities, please contact Sidney at 780-956-1707.
We are currently working on an after hours schedule for our staff to allow access to the Recplex after 8pm when the facility is normally locked. For tonight, February 29th, please phone Sidney at 780-956-1707 if you need access after 8pm.
Please reach out to the Town Foreman, Casey, at 780-956-5147 if you have any concerns. We will do our best to address any concerns as they come through.