Town of Rainbow Lake Re-entry Information May 31, 2023

Please find below a series of documents that will provide a great deal of information to help residents re-enter the community and your homes safely on Friday June 2nd, 2023.  All of this information will be available to you in the printed guides that will be handed out on re-entry day and available at the Town Office following re-entry on June 2nd.

This is the overarching plan for re-entry which includes checklists of infrastructure inspections and services checks necessary before re-entry may occur.

TORL Re-Entry Plan FINAL

The Town of Rainbow Lake has prepared an FAQ document to help residents with this transition home by providing some necessary information and further links to resources you may need in the coming days and weeks.

TORL Re-Entry Booklet FINAL

Alberta Health Services has prepared the below guide for the Town of Rainbow Lake with some useful tips on the items you may need to watch out for as you come home.  There are also instructions on how to properly clean your fridge/freezer and your home to remove the smoke.

Returning Home after a Wildfire – Rainbow Lake – Condensed Version – May 30 2023

Atco Electric has prepared a guide for our residents on what to expect when returning to your home after not having power between May 13 and May 29.

Re-Entry FAQs_ATCO Electric

The coming weeks will be quite busy with pilot light relights and fridge/freezer removals.  Below is the Freezer removal plan with contact information for the Town Office to schedule a fridge/freezer removal.

TORL Re Entry Freezer Plan May 31 2023 REVISED

While everyone will be coming home on June 2nd, the wildfire around us is still active.  We are comfortable that the Town is safe but we will be restricting access to areas outside of Town.  Most of these roads have power poles, trees or active fires crossing them so we cannot stress enough the need to respect these road blocks.  We also need to respect the areas the fire fighters are operating out of at the airport and our fire hall.  the below security plan shows where we will have barricades in Town.  Please do not travel in these areas and be respectful of the incredible men and women that have been protecting our Town this month and are continuing to do so in the weeks ahead.

TORL Security-Transportation Following Re Entry Plan May 31 2023

Finally, the Town’s insurance provider has been gracious enough to assist us in building an instruction document on the types of conversations residents need to have with their own insurance providers.  We have also now posted below a letter from the Town of Rainbow Lake to show to your insurance providers confirming the dates of the power outage and the opinion of the Town that these units be disposed.

Re-entry insurance information guide FINAL

TORL Letter to Insurance Companies May 31 2023

We hope that you find this information helpful as we continue to prepare for the big re-entry day on June 2nd.  Please stay safe and if you have any questions please email or call 780-956-3934.