Mayor Message

Greetings from your Mayor and Council

Town Council has been busy since the election in October, but first I would like to thank you, our residents who took the time to come out and vote. Your support to us is greatly appreciated.

I would like to congratulate returning Councillors Chris Mitchell and Deputy Mayor Paul Smith (Paul was appointed Deputy Mayor at our Org meeting, as I was appointed Mayor) and to our new Councillors Jessica Juneau and Tanya Lindley.

We believe moving forward that together we will provide leadership to our Community in providing new infrastructure projects that will enhance community living.

Our projects for this year are to upgrade the cable and internet services to digital and high speed. The project is already underway, so stay tuned for updates!

The next project is a new Municipal Library building which will include a separate space for a new VSU/RCMP Office. Accessibility for all residents was a major factor in our decision planning. We hope that you will be excited to watch the process of the facility being built as we are.

We also have upgrades being done at the Water Treatment Plant, the Recplex Building and road improvements on the Industrial side of Town.

I would also at this time thank Interim CAO Dan Fletcher,  and his staff in Administration, Public Works and Recreation for their hard work and commitment to our Town.

Warm Regards,

Mayor Michelle Farris