Wildfire Hazard Update

Due to the rain the area received over the weekend the wildfire hazard is Moderate and the Fire Advisory has been lifted, effective immediately. However, some areas did not receive enough rain and therefore no permits for brush piles or root piles will be issued until the area receives a significant amount of rain.


There are 9 wildfires in the High Level Forest Area. Of these fires: 1 are being held, 6 are under control and 2 have been turned over to the responsible party. Find a map of all wildfire locations and statuses, here.

There have been 149 wildfires in the High Level Forest Area since April 1, 2017. For more information on the wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit: wildfire.alberta.ca


A campfire left smouldering can cause a wildfire. Never leave your campfire unattended and make sure it’s been completely extinguished before you leave your site. make sure your campfire is out.

Your off-highway vehicle can start a wildfire. Check your off-highway vehicle frequently for any smouldering debris. Grass, muskeg, moss or other debris can drop to the ground as you’re riding and spark a wildfire. ride debris free.

To learn more please visit  wildfire.alberta.ca